A Next Generation Speed Reducer Gear for the Modern Era

  • MakiAce is a high-grade product targeted towards multiple fields and
  • Applications that boasts characteristics such as high-power
  • High efficiency
  • Easy usability and high-quality.



Quiet operation
Compared to hypoid and helical gears, worm reduction gears offer quiet and smooth operation through slip transmission.
Orthogonal shafts
Orthogonal shafts make space saving design possible.
Reduction ratio
A single speed with a high reduction ratio (10 to 60)
Shaft layout
Input shafts available include the shaft available in all models and dual shaft (optional) models.
Output shafts available include the shaft available in all models, dual shaft (optional) and hollow models.
A wide range is available from 8.9 to 7,487.5 Nm.
11 models available in the product line from 25 to 200
A wide range of variations includes the B, W and K series.